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Edward Rodrigez

Published by: Edward Rodrigez on 16-Jun-24
Make the Leap to Home Business Success

### Welcome to Edward's New Website!

Hi, it's Edward, and I'm excited to launch my new website. Stay tuned for amazing content! To kick things off, here's an article I believe you'll find valuable.

### Make the Leap to Home Business Success

To build a successful home business, you need three crucial intangibles that must come from within.

#### Intangible 1: A Strong WHY

You must have a compelling reason to make your home business work. Ask yourself what drives you. For Edward, the need to escape long work hours and spend more time with his children was his motivation. Identifying your why is essential to propel you forward.

#### Intangible 2: Belief in Possibility

You must believe that success in a home business is possible. Seeing others succeed can inspire you to believe in your potential. Research and find countless examples of people making money online through affiliate marketing. The internet offers unprecedented opportunities, making it easier than ever to start and succeed in a home-based business.

#### Intangible 3: Willingness to Make the Leap

Adopt the mindset of "Ready, FIRE, then aim." The internet is dynamic, and you need to jump in and adapt as you go. The cost of failure is low online, and starting a business can be inexpensive. The key is to start now and learn by doing.

Get in the game and begin your journey to becoming a successful home-based business owner today!